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New Jersey Coalition to End Domestic Violence (NJCEDV)

Known as the New Jersey Coalition for Battered Women (NJCBW) for nearly 40 years, we now celebrate a new name and enhanced mission: to provide leadership, support and resources on the prevention of domestic violence for all victims in New Jersey through advocacy, education and training, technical assistance and community awareness.

Welcome to our new, responsive website.

We are Helping

The New Jersey Coalition to End Domestic Violence (NJCEDV) is a statewide coalition of 30 domestic violence programs and concerned individuals whose purpose and mission is to end domestic violence in New Jersey. NJCEDV performs its work through advocacy for survivors of domestic violence; collaboration with state agencies and its member programs; education and training; and technical assistance for its members and the community. Get help here.

We are Unified

With the support and perseverance of its 30 member programs, the Coalition stands united in its efforts to provide safety and support to victims and survivors of domestic violence, to hold offenders accountable, and to engage community-based systems to enhance their response to domestic violence and to develop and implement programs that promote the prevention of domestic violence.

We are Inclusive

Domestic violence knows no boundaries regardless of race, class, education level, socio economic status, gender, sexual orientation, age, nation of origin, etc. Through its Inclusion and Access Initiative, NJCEDV strives to work with member organizations and community partners to ensure that programs and services are inclusive and accessible to individuals from all backgrounds and communities.

Our Work

Our Featured Projects

Peace, a Learned Solution (PALS)

PALS is a trauma informed program for child witnesses of domestic violence.  The treatment program model uses creative arts therapies for children (primarily aged three to twelve), who have been exposed to domestic violence. Learn more.

Women of Color Task Force

The Women of Color Task Force is made up of domestic violence advocates and community members to eliminate barriers to inclusion and access by establishing equitable services for all victims, especially those who have been traditionally underserved. Learn more.

Deaf Advocacy Project

Women with disabilities experience higher rates of domestic violence than any other groups of women, with some estimates as high as 85%. Physical and attitudinal barriers prevent women with disabilities and Deaf women from being able to access services. Learn more.

Statewide Funding Advocacy

NJCEDV and its member programs came together to advocate for increased funding in the fiscal year 2016 state budget. Increased funds will be used to help increase programs’ capacity to provide domestic violence services throughout New Jersey. Learn more.

Community News

NJ Governor Chris Christie’s Conditional Veto of Bipartisan Bill Puts Domestic Violence Victims at Increased Risk

|Tuesday, November 10, 2015|

We are greatly concerned about Governor Christie’s conditional veto of bipartisan bill A4218 and urge the legislature to consider the following statement by Jane Shivas, Executive Director of the New Jersey Coalition to End Domestic Violence.

Governor Christie has not only missed an opportunity to strengthen our current laws which seek to prevent domestic violence offenders from gaining or maintaining access to firearms, but instead has proposed new measures recommending that firearms applications be expedited for victims of domestic violence, potentially putting victims at increased risk for harm.

An average of three women every day are killed by a current or former intimate partner in the United States. Of the reported 40 domestic violence related deaths in New Jersey since October 2014, 20 or 50% involved firearms, a number that includes murder-suicides where there were multiple victims.


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News Highlight

Victory for Sexual Assault Survivors
njcasa_whiteWe congratulate our partner in ending interpersonal violence, the NJ Coalition Against Sexual Assault (NJCASA). This afternoon, NJCASA received exciting news on the passage of the Sexual Assault Survivor Protection Act of 2015.

Read More

Program Spotlight

Center for Family Services
center_whiteTo recognize both Latin Heritage Month and Domestic Violence Awareness Month, this October we featured Rescue and Restore, a program of Center for Family Services. Program advocates create culturally specific tools in outreach efforts to better service clients from Latino and immigrant communities.

Learn More
Linda Sloan Locke, RN, CNM, MPH, LSW

Linda Sloan Locke, RN, CNM, MPH, LSW

Chair, Health Cares About Domestic and Sexual Violence Collaborative

Partner Spotlight

Through the collaborative that addresses domestic and sexual violence as a serious public health issues with public health solutions, Linda and her partners hope to create a New Jersey Healthcare culture in which all providers recognize the prevalence and health impact of Domestic and Sexual violence. In this environment, providing trauma-informed care will be the standard in all healthcare settings.

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Elizabeth Paddy

Elizabeth Paddy

Teacher, Minister, Survivor of Domestic Violence

Survivor Spotlight

Elizabeth Paddy is a survivor of domestic violence. She is also a teacher, minister, mother and grandmother. For the first time since her abuse happened decades ago, she speaks out. Check back very soon for the video of her story. It’s powerful! Elizabeth is also the author of several books about domestic violence and building self esteem in children that are available on

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