TDVAPM 2016 Campaign



Check back for more campaign graphics representing the diversity of communities affected by dating violence!

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February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness & Prevention Month. 

In NJ, we are focused on teaching young people that dating violence affects everyone: survivors, bystanders and their friends, teachers and family members. Throughout the month we will share information about dating violence, what is it, and how you can learn to recognize it and either help or get help. In talking to teens, it’s not always clear what is healthy and what is not. Dating relationships are a new part of life and it can be really hard to know what the boundaries are.

  • How much texting is too much?  
  • How much “togetherness” is too much and, 
  • How fast is too fast to get serious?

Something to look out for is how scared someone or some action makes you feel. It’s important to pay attention to those feelings, whether felt by the person in the relationship or whether observed by someone else who cares. With that in mind…

Where Do You Draw the Line?

Share – via video – what you think are healthy behaviors, not so healthy behaviors, and ones that make you go hmmmm. We’ll take them and create something to help others understand what it looks like to be in a balanced, happy and healthy relationship. Be part of the process with us. The story can be short or long and be as simple or creative as you’d like. If you have any questions, you may contact

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TDVAPM 2016 Community Spotlight

Program Spotlight

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Partner Spotlight

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Survivor Spotlight

Jenna’s Story: Broken Boundaries, Broken Trust

TDVAPM 2016 Calendar of Events

Join to raise awareness and promote the fundamentals of healthy relationships. The theme for TDVAM 2016 is “Setting Healthy Boundaries,” with events lined up all month to support the message.

Respect Week will be the big push, from February 8-12. See the Week of Action Schedule to find out how you can share awareness!

If you have an event, please let us know and we can share. We’ll be posting more  here throughout the month. Stay tuned!


TDVAPM 2016 Week of Action

2/4 – 7 p.m. EST – Twitter Chat: “Love=Setting Boundaries.” Join the conversation at #teenDVchat

2/9 – Wear Orange Day #orange4love

2/12 – Join the Love is Respect Thunderclap – You can help spread awareness on your own social media!

2/18 – 3 p.m. EST – Twitter Chat: “A Deeper Look at Boundaries.” Join the conversation at #teenDVchat


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