NJCEDV works to ensure that victims of domestic violence, including their needs and concerns, are represented through a variety of state level advocacy efforts.  The Coalition is committed to advocate for effective legislation, responsive governmental interventions and services, and funding levels that promote the elimination of domestic violence in our communities.

Legislative Advocacy

NJCEDV works to ensure that developing public policy reflects the interests, needs and concerns of victims of domestic violence. Through ongoing contact with lawmakers and state entities, NJCEDV strives to be sure that the collective voice of its member programs and survivors across the state are heard. In addition, NJCEDV provides legislative updates, education and technical assistance on legislative advocacy for its member programs.

Legal Services Project

The NJCEDV Legal Services Project provides legal information and referrals for victims of domestic violence or to those assisting victims.

  • Legal Advice  NJCEDV does not provide direct legal representation to victims, however, legal advice is available to victims of domestic violence through brief phone sessions and referrals offered to our 30 programs across the state as well as Legal Services of New Jersey.
  • Appeals Project  NJCEDV selects and pursues appeals with statewide significance. Cases selected are ones with a strong likelihood of establishing precedents that favorability affect the lives of all domestic violence victims in the state. Cases are handled by selected attorneys for a reduced fee or on a pro bono basis.
  • Amicus Briefs  With the support of law firms providing pro bono support, NJCEDV files amicus briefs for cases with high potential of affecting the lives of domestic violence victims
  • Technical Assistance The Legal Services Project provides technical assistance to legal advocates, attorneys, and others assisting victims of domestic violence regarding relevant state and federal legislation as well as case law on all issues relevant to domestic violence victims.
  • Legal Research The Legal Services Project provides legal research on a number of domestic violence related policy issues that impact victims and their children
  • Training Through the Legal Services Forum the Legal Services Project provides training and a forum for discussion of issues for law students, legal advocates, and attorneys.



Legislative News & Updates
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