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State of New Jersey Address Confidentiality Program

Program Summary
The New Jersey Address Confidentiality Program was established by the Address Confidentiality Act which became effective in January 1998. The goal of the Address Confidentiality Program is to assist victims of domestic violence who have relocated in their effort to keep batterers from finding them. The Address Confidentiality Program offers two service components, a substitute address service and a protected record service. These services will severely limit a batterer’s ability to access information which could identify the new location of a victim of domestic violence.

Substitute Address
Each Address Confidentiality Program participant is assigned a substitute address. The Address Confidentiality Program substitute address has no relation to the participant’s actual location. Clients who use the substitute address will have first class mail forwarded to their actual location.

Program participants may use their substitute address when creating records with state and local government agencies. All program participants are issued an ACP authorization card which must be presented to an agency when requesting the use of a substitute address.

State and local government agencies must accept the Address Confidentiality Program substitute address. In some cases an agency may be granted a substitute address use exemption. In order to be considered for an exemption, an agency must identify a statute or administrative rule which demonstrates the agency’s bona fide requirement and authority for the use of the actual address of an individual. In addition, the agency must provide an explanation of how the acceptance of a substitute address will prevent the agency from meeting its obligations under statute or administrative rule.

ACP Protected Records
The Address Confidentiality Program Protected Records program provides confidentiality for state and local government records. Address Confidentiality Program participants must specifically request ACP Protected Records services. ACP program participants who request this service will receive security records handling from state and local government agencies.

Applying for ACP Participation
The New Jersey Address Confidentiality Program provides these services for residents of New Jersey. An applicant must be a victim of domestic violence who has relocated to an address unknown to the batterer. Applicants must be at least 18 minors old, an emancipated minor, a parent or guardian acting on behalf of a minor or a guardian acting on behalf of an anticipated person.

Local victim assistance programs will work with victims of domestic violence to complete applications and forward them to the Address Confidentiality Office. The Address Confidentiality Program will review the application and issue an ACP authorization card.

For more information, please contact the
Address Confidentiality Program
at 1-877-218-9133.

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