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Beverly Crawford was an advocate for battered women and children. Bev  was raising her three children when her sister was murdered during a domestic violence incident.  Her sister’s death left behind a five-year old boy and little girl under two. Beverly adopted them, began raising five children as a single parent, and devoted the remainder of her life to the prevention of domestic violence.

From 1978 until her untimely death in 1995, her role as program manager of the Office on the Prevention of Violence Against Women, the Division on Women, resulted in increased public awareness, improved services and legislation for domestic violence victims from across the state of New Jersey.  Additionally, Bev served on a number of boards for the advocacy of the rights of women and children, including the Child Abuse Prevention Advisory Board, of which she was a founding member.


As a tribute to this incredible advocate the New Jersey Coalition for Battered Women created a fund in memory of her dedication to domestic violence survivors.  The Beverly Crawford Fund provides funds to survivors to meet their basic needs and supports victims of domestic violence in becoming self sufficient and independent of the batterer.


Only clients of the NJ Coalition for Battered Women member programs in good standing are eligible to receive funding. 


Grants can be used for but are not limited to the following purposes:


  • Car insurance
  • Car repairs
  • Emergency food, clothing
  • Exam fees
  • House repairs (i.e. repairing locks, boarding up windows)
  • License renewal (i.e. driver’s or professional)
  • Medical bills
  • Rent and or security deposit (funding limit will only meet partial cost)
  • School fees for the victim
  • Telephone bill or security deposit to establish new account
  • Transportation cost to relocate for safety reasons
  • Utility bill or security deposit to establish new account


Because funds are limited grants are a maximum of $400 for one time only.


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