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Webinar Disability And Domestic Violence 01/17/18

01/17/2018 @ 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Disability and Domestic Violence
January 17, 2018 1:00 PM-2:30 PM
Traci Burton, Leslie Malkin & Colleen Roche

Women with developmental disabilities (DD) experience domestic or sexual violence at a higher rate than people without disabilities. 80% of women with intellectual disabilities have been sexually assaulted, and 50% of those women have been assaulted more than ten times. Only 3% of sexual abuse cases involving people with DD are ever reported. For simple assault, people with cognitive disabilities have a higher victimization rate than those with any other type of disability.

Along with physical, emotional and sexual violence against women with disabilities, additional disability-specific violence has now been documented and researched.  Examples of disability-specific violence include withholding, overdosing or stealing prescription medications, physical neglect, destruction of medical equipment and communication devices, and financial abuse.  Research continues to support findings that mistreatment by personal assistants, paid caretakers, and other service providers is a unique challenge facing women with disabilities. Dependence on perpetrators for personal care and/or specialized services for communication or mobility adds an additional layer of difficulty when survivors seek safety.

This webinar will define the term “developmental disability”, review statistics on domestic violence and survivors with DD, and highlight disability specific power and control tactics.  We’ll also review best practices when interacting with survivors with DD, review screening tools and discuss disability related safety planning tips. Finally, we will examine the human and legal rights of those living with DD, including when and how guardianship impacts a survivor’s ability to report an incident and seek safety.

1.5 DVS Credit: Diversity


1:00 pm - 2:30 pm
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