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In creating our new logo, we wanted to honor our history as the Coalition that has served as the statewide voice for victims of domestic violence for nearly 40 years. We also wanted to keep the recognition of our original logo while offering something new that would represent the diversity and inclusivity of the available statewide services offered by member programs. Here you will discover details about our reimagined logo:

  • It is circular in shape to further illustrate our unity and interconnectedness and is an abstract depiction of all people.
  • Our name in the center represents our leadership on the issue of domestic violence throughout NJ’s communities and the support we provide to our programs.
  • The colors additionally represent diversity utilizing the three primary colors of our collective movement: purple, orange and teal.
  • There are abstract meanings as well. With the change to “End Domestic Violence” in our name, the internal shape of the logo has 8 sides like a stop sign. It could also be seen as a flower, illustrating our move to stop violence before it even starts…at its roots. This is at the core of our blossoming primary prevention work.

If you are a member program or partner, please click on the link below to access our private logo page. If you haven’t received a password, please email Communications using the form below.

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