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Resources to reduce expenses

Internet Resources

Programs are limited to funding and not available in all counties. Reduce cost internet as low as $9.99 month.

Everyone On

Internet Essentials

Energy Cost

Programs based on available funding.

NJ Lifeline

Assistance with gas and electric bills for disabled or senior homeowners and renters with limited incomes



Assistance with gas and electric bills for people facing a temporary financial crisis.



New Jersey Comfort Partners  

Assist qualified low-income households lower natural gas and electric bills through energy education, the installation of energy efficiency measures, and repairing or replacing heating and cooling equipment. Often at no cost or a reduced cost.


Helping Hands with Atlantic City Electric (ACE)

(609) 883-1626 x 1399 or 1-866-657-4273

Affordable Housing Alliance

(732) 982-8710

Water Expenses

Programs based on available funding.

Suez Cares

NJ American Water


Home Front NJ

Requires a $40 donation.

Economic Abuse

Are you being financially abused?

Does your partner forbid you from working?

Does your partner sabotage work or employment opportunities by stalking or harassing you at the workplace or causing you to lose your job by physically battering prior to important meetings or interviews?

Does your partner control how all of the money is spent?

Do you have access to the bank accounts?

Does your partner withholding money or giving “an allowance”?

Does your partner/ caregiver not include you in investment or banking decisions?

Has your partner forbidden you from attending job training or advancement opportunities?

Does your partner/ caregiver force you to write bad checks or file fraudulent tax returns?

Does your partner/ caregiver run up large amounts of debt on joint accounts, taking bad credit loans?

Does your partner/ caregiver refuse to work or contribute to the family income?

Does your partner or caregiver withhold funds for the you or children to obtain basic needs such as food and medicine?

Does your partner hide assets? Such as property, business, money.

Has your partner/ caregiver stolen your identity, property or inheritance? Does your partner forcing you to work in a family business without pay?

Does your partner refuse to pay bills or ruin your credit score?

Does your partner/ caregiver make you turn over public benefits or threatening to turn you in for “cheating or misusing benefits?

Has your partner/ caregiver filed false insurance claims in your name?

Does your partner refuse to pay or evading child support or manipulating the divorce process by drawing it out by hiding or not disclosing assets?

If you answered yes to these questions reach out to your local program found in the Get Help section and schedule a free appointment to talk about your results.Get Help

Get Help

Get help building a budget, finding a new job, finding a home. Individual free career and financial planning.  Contact us today!

Registration for Financial Empowerment Program

This form is for individuals to enroll in services to help with seeking employment, returning to school, budgeting and other financial planning/ management support.
  • Please provide instructions as needed for contacting this number.
  • Please include any instructions for when calling this number as needed.
  • If you are unsafe disclosing your county please respond to the following. Do you have access to a computer or a smart phone?
  • You may select more than one option.

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