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Our Work


The New Jersey Coalition to End Domestic Violence (NJCEDV) is a statewide coalition of domestic violence service programs and concerned individuals whose purpose and mission is to end domestic violence in New Jersey. NJCEDV performs its work through advocacy for survivors of domestic violence; collaboration with state agencies and its member programs; education and training; and technical assistance for its members and the community.



Training Institute Work

Through partnerships with state-level agencies, NJCEDV provides training and education to professionals through the Department of Children and Families and the Division on Family Development. In addition, NJCEDV provides training to member programs, advocates and concerned community members through our Training Institute. Read more.


Policy Work

NJCEDV works to ensure that victims of domestic violence, including their needs and concerns, are represented through a variety of state level advocacy efforts. The Coalition is committed to advocate for effective legislation, responsive governmental interventions and services, and funding levels that promote the elimination of domestic violence in our communities. Read more.

Public Awareness

Public Awareness Work

NJCEDV knows that a coordinated preventive community response is critical to changing societal attitudes and current community strategies for addressing domestic violence. We at NJCEDV believe that we must move towards creating healthy, safe communities and in order to do that, we are committed to the primary prevention of violence. Read more.

Capacity Building

Capacity Building Work

NJCEDV recognizes that the intersection of societal prejudice, oppression, or systems of poverty and domestic violence disproportionately impact marginalized communities. NJCEDV’s Social Justice work promotes systemic change in attitudes and beliefs that support the mutual respect of all people and helps survivors to realize their full potential while providing resources to do so. Read more.
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