24HR Helpline: 800-572-7233 / DV Legal Helpline: 844-403-2111 / VP: 609-434-3838 info@njcedv.org


Provide creative arts therapy services to child and adolescent victims of domestic/sexual violence and their families. Work primarily with children in individual, group, and family therapy configurations.

-Provide crisis intervention services, supportive counseling, advocacy and referrals to domestic violence and sexual assault survivors and their families -Provide individual, group and family creative arts therapy to participants of the program -Conduct intake assessments including interviews with each child participant -Create, implement and revise treatment plans for each child on a quarterly basis -Administer psychological evaluations to program participants -Participate in program case management meetings -Maintain on-going communication with the program staff, parents and other key professionals -Complete, file, maintain weekly case notes and clinical documentation -Review program assessments done by clients

– Master’s level board certified creative arts therapist (art, music, drama, etc.) -Minimum 1 year working with children and/or adolescents -Minimum 1 year working with victims of trauma, domestic or sexual violence -Must have genuine passion for the movement to end domestic violence and sexual assault and to desire to help empower all survivors with varying abilities and capacities with cultural competency and sensitivity -Bilingual (Spanish) a plus{File:4}

Contact: ChristineCoccaccocca@SAFEINHUNTERDON.ORG

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