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NJCEDV has long been in a leader in providing training to advocates and community members involved in the work to end domestic violence. Check out our upcoming trainings and register online!  



Previously domestic violence advocates did not have a process that recognized the expertise gained from our years of experience working with victims and their families. The growing body of research is rarely disseminated outside the domestic violence field into institutional curricula or other certification programs. Most troubling is the lack of domestic violence awareness by private practitioners and agencies working in isolation with victims and perpetrators alike.

The New Jersey Association of Domestic Violence Professionals (NJADVP) committee – a current program of the NJCEDV – worked for several years to develop a comprehensive course of study and experience necessary to advocate safely in the domestic violence field. In 1993 the original committee conducted interviews and selected 17 long time domestic violence experts to create the first domestic violence specialist certification board in the country.

As our knowledge and understanding of the dynamics and impact of violence on victims, their family members and advocates continues to grow, so too does the importance of New Jersey’s Domestic Violence Specialist Certification. Learn more about the DVS requirements. Click here to visit the NJADVP DVS page on our website.

One of the ways in which the New Jersey Coalition to End Domestic Violence supports local member programs is through sponsoring forums which address the ways in which domestic violence impacts different communities and groups of people. Our forums are made up of professionals, service providers, and advocates who are interested in issues related to domestic violence. NJCEDV has forums addressing domestic violence and child welfare, domestic violence and legal issues, and domestic violence and transitional housing. Individuals working in the domestic violence movement have the opportunity to meet and discuss ways in which domestic violence impacts intersects with other social and legal issues. Members will be able to login and learn more using their password in early 2018.

NJCEDV Training Institute

NJADVP DVS Certification Enrollment

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